Financial Planning

Helping you achieve a perfect balance between saving and planning for the future while enjoying life.

JP Law and Wealth Advisors PLLC is a registered independent financial firm. We have a fiduciary duty to our clients and provide a holistic approach to our clients’ financial needs. We work for our clients and not any brokerage firms. We do not sell products, therefore there is no commission to be made, our advice is based solely on what is best for our clients. 

Financial Planning: The process of taking a comprehensive look at your current financial situation, identifying your goals, and creating a specific plan to reach those goals. Financial planning addresses multiple areas such as savings, budgeting, investing, taxes, life insurance, retirement, estate planning, and more.  

Personal Approach: Financial planning can be overwhelming and there are many different resources available, but most do not provide for clients’ specific situations. We believe that each one of our clients has unique financial needs and we work diligently to ensure those needs are addressed accordingly. 

Collaborative Approach:  We will work closely with your CPA and/or attorney to make sure that everyone is on the same page to achieve your financial goals.  Our founder is a licensed attorney in the state of Florida and practices estate planning law. There is no obligation to hire us for your legal needs. However, we value our clients’ time and business; having both a financial firm and law firm, it saves our clients’ time and effort in finding an attorney who understands their financial goals.

We help you create and protect your wealth!

1. Initial Introductory Call

30 mins consultation call to explain the financial planning process and decide if we are a great fit.

We require a 12-month commitment because financial planning is a journey, not a one-and-done process.

2.Discovery Meeting

Formal discovery meeting to have a deeper conversation about your financial goals and concerns. 

Why taking charge of your finances is important to you?

3.Proposal & Quarterly Meetings

Recommendation meetings to discuss how we will achieve your unique financial goals.

  • A detailed financial plan and action steps
  • Recommendations in investment allocation
  • Retirement planning
  • Budgets and savings target
  • Credit analysis
  • Debt repayment strategy
  • Life insurance options
  • Estate planning: included is complimentary drafting of the last will for clients without an existing will

4.Our Fees

  • Our goal is to help you accumulate wealth and preserve it. Therefore, unlike other advisory firms, we offer a flat fee for our services.
  • A flat fee of $2,000.00 for individuals and $3,000.00 for married couples.
  • $500 due at the signing of the contract, and $500 due monthly thereafter to pay the balance.

Our Ideal Financial Client

Our ideal financial clients are young professionals in the accumulation stage of wealth. Whether it is helping you navigate how to properly invest, pay off student loans, starting a family or a business, JP Law and Wealth Advisors PLLC wants to be part of the process and set you on the path to success.

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