Financial Information Is NOT Financial Advice!

Financial education is an important part of an individual wealth-building journey; however, financial information is often misinterpreted for advice.

A simple search on google on investment or finance will result in an endless source of information, but which source is the best, accurate or specific to your goals and needs? 

How often do you find yourself reading articles after articles and watching countless videos on a subject just to feel overwhelmed and confused? 

Financial information gives you the foundation for the different subjects to better understand the overall picture, but it is general. Financial information does not address your emotions, financial history, risk level, weaknesses, or unique goals. Whereas financial advice is personal, it focuses on helping you see where those different pieces of information fit perfectly to achieve a particular goal and the overall picture. It addresses each specific layer and implements action plans so that you feel confident about the future, not overwhelmed or confused. 

Financial advice at its best should leave you not only learning something different but feeling much different. 

At JP Law and Wealth Advisors PLLC, we pride ourselves on putting the client’s needs first. Our advice is based solely on your unique goals after we have gotten to know you. Allow us to serve as your guide, be part of your journey, and help you feel confident and optimistic about the future. 

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